Friday, November 2, 2007


Humph. It really isn't as much fun taking down the decorations as putting them up... nor enjoying them. Our fun new additions this year included a bat that flies around in circles in a very realistic fashion (Very funny L. ha ha) and a collection of tiny action figures from The Rocket.

One set is "B" movie victims and the other is Glo in the Dark zombies. I mingled these little peeps in amongst the candles on the mantle. So it looks like the zombies are chasing the movie extras. Of course, like the letters that hold Solstice stockings and spell out "S" "A" "N" "T" "A"--the figures kept getting re-arranged and placed into compromising positions--loyal readers will remember Peter's prison deer-- OI!-- so instead of "Santa" our mantle often reads "Satan" or "a Stan". Pete & Matty keep joking they are gonna buy more letter shaped hooks from target (there is often Joy and Noel available) and expand the lexicon.
Yeah--so our first official Samhain mantle decorations were zombies hunting b movie victims and more often then not the zombies and screaming women would be "interacting", similar to the reindeer for the yard--Pete placed them in "rutting mode" sigh...

But all the porch lights are in and the punkin candles rewrapped and serving platters tucked away. My favorite holiday is done till next year--happily we have lots of sugar leftover.

Why haven't the kids eaten it all yet? Because we filled a large plastic cauldron with treats for our NEW neighbors while we went tricksy treating back in NPNA.

I turned on the skull lights & the orange lights lining the front porch...when I placed the "Take one! Happy Halloween" sign
BUT-- I failed to flip on the porch light. The "international symbol that we want to play" signal (alternately known as the "Bitch, the light is out! The candy is GONE! beacon) I suck. *bad neighbor* At least nobody TP-ed us & now we are up two bags of Reese's! Yay us!

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