Friday, November 23, 2007


This is my favorite roasting pan under this giant beast. Can you just see it, under the ginormous fowl? I do 5-8 lb briskets in this pan. I cook about 6-8 lbs of sausage in this "big pan"--but to quote Dolly Parton--this is 5lbs of mud in a ten pound bag.

I have cooked larger hunks of meat--OUTSIDE!! I was afraid it wouldn't fit in the oven. It did fit but there was only about a half inch of clearance. Once I got the bird on the big rack and in the oven the heating element would have been WAAAY too close to the breasticles.

So we bisected the bird. My cleaver and electric knife and the poultry shears. God I wish Helowyse had been here, a dr and and english prof do not a butcher make. Happily we got the thing in there --post brine and with maple glaze. There are new pics at the album.

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