Monday, December 17, 2007

Ballad of the empty pig

Saturday morning we awoke to a thermostat reading of 56F ---hmmm that seems chilly.
well the temp dropped with this low front--and we know the furnace is dying, no surprise. Aren't we clever to order this new heating arrangement?

So there I am cooking turkey sausage on my PROPANE cook top and Pete says, "Do you want the sausage that low? Aren't they 'sposed to sizzle?" I look at the burner; which, I have been heard to bitch about --because the BTUs' are normally so damn high a nice simmer is difficult. "Ummm..No. I do not want them that low." The propane lasted through one grilled ham and cheese sandwich, one kettle full o tea water and one pot of potato and leek soup. It is the predicted death o' the 20 year old furnace--it is the last gasps of the propane pig.

nasty propane all gone!! YAY!! Geothermal furnace doesn't get here till this Monday. BOOO!

So this morning (Monday) I decided I wanted a fried egg, however, upon turning the knob to start said eggie--NADA. No feeble blue flame, no more fumes. So the eggs got cooked in the micro and life moves forward-- heated by ceramic space heaters! Today the furnace comes and hopefully DTE hooks up the gas line too.

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Farmer Pete and the crew of the BellyAcres as they adventure into the land of the well heated.


Deborah said...

Welcome to "Farm House " living sweetheart ! I can't wait for the next entry!!! My propane is getting low and I don't want to think about it....

Gwyneth said...

Hey - are you guys warm now?

Daye said...

okay. the furnace is rocking. 70F-- which is right where we want it, upstairs and down!! Yay! The fireplace has been demoted from "keep the pipes from freezing" back to "pretty toy". DTE can sniff my stinky panties because they are dicking around with the gasline for the cooktop but Pete claims he is gonna fix that sitch. I doubt he will achieve anything today tho because his Mom is busy being dramatically ill again.
sigh..and Ray was so looking forward to going home Saturday.