Thursday, December 20, 2007

okay--things are better

I feel significantly calmer than I did last we "spoke". First of all I got a very funny post card from R/T (see above), not that getting postcards from R/T is all that unusual--they seem to have an odd fetish, but I am always happy to enable my friends. Also, my cook top works again!! YAY for Gluttony Day!!! (also note: yeah for boiling water for tea instead of nuking it--something just wasn't happening there) I have also mailed out the last of the holiday greeting cards and taken care of the outgoing mail ordery things (tho I have yet to order Fina's b-day gift). I also got the basement stairs mopped because after three days of furnace installation they were coated with worker guys snowy mud prints and it made running downstairs to flip the laundry pretty nasty.
Other things I accomplished--our firewood supply is back up where it is 'sposed to be for "festive fire" enjoyment. After four days of no propane all the previously purchased firewood went bye-bye. Now, if I can get the damn bathrooms painted THIS HOUSE will be where I want it. Well except for painting outside but that is waiting till spring.

Matthew checked in and hasn't broken any bones yet.

Pete volunteered to procure the Christmas cow (I somehow thought I had a week to go before Xmas) & crackers.
98% of gifts are wrapped.
I still have yet to get Peter something.
Maybe heels and seamed stockings will do the trick--and more cookies--the first batch has been devoured.

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