Thursday, December 13, 2007

plain old rambling journal entry

Last night when Carol & Rollo came to pick up Xanni (and eat dinner: delish curried squash soup served with sour cream and chopped green onion accompanied by grilled ham & cheese sandwiches), Matt (AKA Rollo--not my son Matt--there are too many Matts in the world) was pretty excited to see the back hoe still in the yard. "Pete" he announced gleefully, "Can I play with your back hoe??" BOYS! honestly! *smiling and shaking my head* Zoli got home from school and the first thing he did was head for the bottom of the pit! So they are back this morning. And I have to admit it looks like great fun, the 360 degree turns and backing up and zipping forward on the coil path...The worker guys look like nothing so much as kids in a giant sandbox! Iz proclaimed the big pit by the garage "Hagrid's grave."


biscodo said...

Well, I was kind of wondering if you were going to take the opportunity to make ramps and jumps and a dirt track in your yard while the 'hoe be just layin' 'round.

And don't go poo-poo-ing boys playing with backhoes. It's like shooting potato guns. Girls get all "Harumph! When are you boys going to grow up and act your age?" And after 15 minutes you can see the little gleam in their eyes, and after 20-25 minutes you hear "umm... that looks like fun... can I have a turn?"

You should go out and play with the backhoe. They're superfun.

Daye said...

you were here for the spear chucking right??
baby my eyes ALWAYS gleam!!