Monday, January 21, 2008

Community Theatre

Zoli has really enjoyed spending his Saturday mornings for the last several months participating in an eclectic little theatre group. The Washtenaw Community College hosted The Neighborhood Community Theater which had its first production yesterday. Eighteen "scenes" with singing and dancing and most importantly for Z., Mime. He played a homeless drunk who barfs in an elevator and sleeps on a bus (he got quite a few laughs) and then--ostracizes a companion who picks on a gay couple. There was a very strong MLK-honoring individuality promoting with a strong pacisfictic tone to the the performance. This is only slightly surprising as the kids actually wrote the "scripts" themselves. Along with Colors of the Wind we heard songs like the Beatles, Imagine and Yesterday with Nigerian folk songs and Bob Marley's One Love, guitar solos and modern dance. And a rap/bsketball demo showcasing a HS Musical song. It was surprisingly entertaining and I was so proud of Z. My fave bit was when he was actively trying to avoid the bully and was staring "out of the bus window". He was really very good. I wish he had sung a solo. *sigh* He really wants to get a handle on the comedy thing.

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Deborah said...

Sounds like the "Z' Man is really getting into the theater. Wonderful he has a chance.