Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Oh dear ones!!

I had so much fun!! My new winter term started today and the Harry Potty class was a rousing success!! I don't know if Annette reads this blog but I owe her a huge THANK YOU!! I haven't had so much fun in a long time. These kids are just as excited as I am. There are only about five guys and the other 35 are all girls. Not surprised really and neither was Andre (who has NEVER read the books! but then after school was teasing me about HP being "girlie". Humph.

It was so sweet when one girl came up after class and started to thank me profusely. She was saying stuff like "This is so important." She had tears in her eyes. She was effusing and grateful. I started to understand the priest thing. Today I was just happy when my power point finally worked! We got thru the syllabus and basic housekeeping. Then as I took "attendance" I asked them a question like "Which is your fave book/movie/character?" or "Which pet would you bring with you?" They all seemed to have a sense of humor and nobody suggested a book burning at that moment. I still have about half of the in class writings to read thru but so far so good.

I think I have found my niche.


biscodo said...

so... I realize you're going to shun me when I say this, shortly afterward to have me declared an infidel and untouchable. But I'll say it anyway: I've never read the Harry Potter books.

Even more - I liken the enthusiasm of the throngs of fans to phenomenons that bring out similar numbers of fans with similar levels of obsession - e.g. (formerly) Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, etc... (Jodie Foster?)

So the question I start wondering about is where the uniquely teachable material is for courses at a University. There are many other epic works of fantasy fiction (Narnia, The Shire, Foundation, Osten Ard, Dark Tower). What makes HP so... seminal? How does the work stand out other than its popular appeal? Or is that the reason? Or is it that the course must include some sort of work of fiction, and this is as good as any other for the purpose of discussing writing? (which, of course, means admitting that it's not that special)

There is, of course, the teacher's personal preference, and that is an understandable reason, but not one that's academically defensible, is it?

biscodo said...

I'm not trying to drag the arc of your course plan into the muck of my silly little blog comments, I'm just hoping you'll help me to understand "Where It All Goes". But since I'm neither a creative writer nor academician, what do I know and who cares what I think anyway?

If you want to just send me your course syllabus and tell to suck on it, that's fine too. You know where to find me.

Lilim said...

Now this is a class that would be too much fun! I think I'd feel guilty taking it, as though classes aren't supposed to be fun AND informational. :P

Gwyneth said...

I'm pleased for you. Finding something that good is hard - I'm glad you've done it.