Wednesday, January 16, 2008

fun packages

Yesterday I got three fun packages. Tuesday is produce box day and that box came. It makes groceries seem a little more special--the crisp greens, the gorgeous lemons--and my baby bellas--YUM!

The second package that awaited my return from school was the silk fern I purchased. There is a spot, a problem area--if you will, in the living room that we call "the black hole". This massive pit of a shelf once held stereo equipment. It is a built area above the woodbox next to the fireplace. It is also by a window --but the window itself is in heavy shade--so when I brought the Boston Fern in from the porch (to avoid Frost) and supplied it with a grow light..I promptly fried the back half of the fern. The front did okay--but then when the propane fiasco went down the fern just couldn't take it any more died of stress--poor thing. I have guilt. So I filled the empty space with a nice big poinsetta--lovely! But of course it died roughly one week after the new year. I was beginning to think I should add "serial killer" to my titles. Rather than murder another LIVE plant I just nosed around on the net and found what I THOUGHT was gonna be enough faux chlorophyll to lighten up that very heavy area and still look fairly realistic. Hmmm-- guess I shoulda got two.

Finally and the most fun of all Lisa sent me a book and a wonderfully smutty thing!!
I have ALWAYS wanted to try COCK flavored soup. Especially Jamaican COCK flavor....mmmmmm


Lilim said...

So, tell me, Daye... does Jamaican cock smell like Reggae music? ;P

Daye said...

I don't know!!! I haven't opened it yet!! (humming One Love)