Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ya say ya want a resolution?

My apologies to my beetle boys. (and to Sierra Club who made the joke first) There are so many things I would like to discuss if only we were in the same room with a lovely cuppa whatever yer poison is. (fondly remembering the 9 year old bourbon and coffee chasers at GWL)
1. The Wings won against the Avs last night. & McCarty is gonna be skating with the Flint Generals. (gotta respect the passion there eh?), don't wanna talk sports? 'k.
2. I made this really yummy squash green bean coconut milk dish from Yoga Journal of all places, you don't cook?? oh--
3. The story on "Dead Zones" WEMU played this morning? I was aware of the oceans, but the GREAT LAKES?? Fuck. I am kinda scared. As much as I look forward my own grandbaby...where will said child live? and speaking of water...
4. I learned about magnesium rods in hot water heaters--don't need it. Nope--gotta take it out today.
5. Finally the resolution thing--
there is the annual I'm gonna lose 40 lbs but I think that futile endeavor should finally be retired. I am of course going to continue to get as much local organic food as I can into the pantry. (without having a nervous breakdown doing so)--so that doesn't really count as a resolution. Perhaps I should resolve to do something grand and fabulous? or maybe I should just paint the bathroom ceiling??


Paul Orselli said...

I'm going to try to be more patient.


Deborah said...

Don't get into hockey. Maybe Matt living Colorado ? Take the rod out! Can tell you about them! Forget the weight ,just yoga. I should talk.Is organic really what its about? Not the little bathroom, like that one.