Sunday, February 24, 2008


First of all just let me say it one time (because Pete and Andy were getting a little boring expressing their disdain) THE VENUE (The baseball stadium for the "White Caps") SUCKED!

Here is the only pic I took. Matt is hogging up the other ones. We need to wait for him to share. It was cold (of course) and only one tasty NEW beer. It was tiramisu beer from Grand Rapids Brewing. Everything else I had already tasted or if I had not tried it yet; the name sounded kinda weird, like Blueberry Fizz or Pioneer Maple Porter. ewww.
~insert Matt's shot of whole arena here!~
Often the line was horrendously long. There was one weird named beer we all really wanted to try. It was from My 2nd fave brewer--DragonMead. They had new brew they named Willy Wonka's oompa loompa stout. They were gonna tap it at 3. The brewers do that they list a new yummy beer but don't tap the keg(s) till a certain time...*fake cough* "marketing ploy".

ANYwho by the time we trudged/skidded and slid our way back around..all three kegs were gone!! It was like a travel advisory for walking. "If you NEED to travel please plan extra time to get to your destination." I am glad we took Matt. He had a great time and it good to see it thru his eyes because I guess I'm getting old and jaded. Even the ice sculpture guy looked bored. There was the mandatory parade of fuzzy hats again that long time readers will remember from last year. I need me one of them there Flaps Waxed Hats.

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Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Gotta agree on the "special tapping" suckiness. It was such a pain to get around, I missed several beers and then had to restrain myself when I got up to the front of the line at Founders only to be told that the Devil Dance triple IPA wouldn't be tapped for another 12 minutes... and, btw, "we're out of the Kentucky Breakfest Stout." I lost a little beer love in that moment.