Friday, February 22, 2008

bike bike bike

I thought Geogirl & Andrew were the craziest bike people I knew. But ya know what? the folks in the vid at the bottom are so damn cool. I suspect that single person college student size households are easier to consider. As much I as I love MY bike, in all it's cruiser glory-- (no gears, big butt seat) Just considering our move of five people, two dogs, two cats, six guitars and over 60 boxes of just too fresh in my mind--I shudder at the mere thought of trying to do our move on bikes. *ah...NO!*
This seven minute video however is inspirational.


biscodo said...

so... do you know any of those people?

'cause if'n ya don't, the title of Craziest Bike People You Know is still intact - muah-ha-ha-ha... [you'll just have to imagine what the crazy eyes look like]

Lilim said...

That was *awesome.* ^-^

reticulatedmama said...

i was impressed when i saw the couch!

i miss the days when i could fit all my belongings in my plymouth sundance hatchback.

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Wait they're cool but I'm crazy???? Oh wait, that's fine. Ya know I've got a rack and Biscodo has a trailer that he is just itching to use... Who's up for a ride to Ikea?