Sunday, February 10, 2008

yay! the writer's strike is settled

Massive questions still exist even after enjoying the second episode a second time. Especially RE: the new Freighties...
. Who was Charlotte working for in Tunisia--and how did a dharma bear get there?
& Why was Charlotte wearing a bullet-proof vest?
. Why and when?? is Dan crying about Flight 815?
. from whom did Miles get the photo of Ben that he showed to Jack and Juliet? scary bald guy??
. Where did Naomi get a copy of the photo of Desmond and Penelope?
. What is the nature of Miles spiritual abilities?
. Why was Miles selected for the freighter recon team? Did the y expect Ben to be dead?
Can he really disperse with a ghost by merely telling it to go?
. Who is he referring to when Matthew (the scary bald guy) asks Hurley "Are they still alive?"
and finally--- Why did Frank memorize Flight 815's 324-passenger manifest?

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