Sunday, March 23, 2008


Two years later I have finally finished my Ravenclaw scarf! I was disgusted with the commercial uniformity and manmade fiber that Warner Bros keeps trying to sell me and besides half the stores only carry Gryffindor & Slytherin colors.It is crocheted on a #3 w/ baby alpaca (3 skeins blue 1 gray) from Threadbear in Lansing. It is so soft. The navy matches my coat perfectly.
and it even works!! I finished the fringe during the first half of Chelsea/Arsenal game and stepped outside for a quick test drive during the break to click this fashion glam shot--thank god nobody scored while I was outside! And ManU kicked some Liverpudlian booty 3-zip.
I like soccer Sundays

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Deborah said...

Well hey ! Glad you got your scarf done. As for the colors....whats right is right! You can't fool you or me.Goes well with your coat. I like the Syltherian green and silver{ me at heart } ah well ....