Friday, March 7, 2008

HOLY CRAP! or return of the old blog

My oldest & most faithful readers will remember that I got into blogging because Andre kept poking me. That and somebody in Northshield challenged the Great Hall to document their A&S projects. I was at that point struggling to construct a decent piece of garb for the SCA. You may recall "The Linen Bomb". The exploding dress/sewing project that came apart and went back together AT LEAST four times? (The one arm "exploded" several times alone.) So flash forward to today and look what Google plops on my daily dose of art.

Right there in the middle of the picture is my damn dress!! and most happily it is dated for my persona's time period, It's Italian but that's not toooooo far from France. Enh--It makes me happy. Documentation is good. (I am also quite secretly pleased that she isn't wearing any head gear!!!

yeah--so anyway I titled my old blog "The Linen Bomb" cuz it was"about" that dress.

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Melanthios said...

Omg, that is hilarious. I love accidentally finding documentation. I hope that happens to me someday...when I make know...(shifty eyes) I will get back in the SCA someday, I swear....