Friday, March 7, 2008

my new toy

Now that I have a kitchen with storage space I have decided it is time to start gathering in all the "toys" I have wanted. The first thing on the "Kitchen Toy Wish List" was a dehydrator. Guess what my sweet smart man got me for my b-day??? A five tray Excalibur Food DeHydrator!!!

After calling Stacy and "eeeping" all over myself I got to slicing. The most exciting thing we have experimented with so far is yogurt leather. Zoli decided chocolate & caramel (Stony Field Farms) would swirl in really cool marbly patterns. And he was right! and it was delish. We did a bunch of carrots, two parsnips and apparently what I thought was some sort of beet was actually a daikon radish!! (Thank you Kate!!) It was pretty purple anyway, and the slices curled as they dried resulting in a snack that looks like dried rose petals. Fairy girl happily ate a vegetable!! So today I am doing ginger. One surprise advantage is that the dehydrator blows the scent of whatever is being dried all over the yeah... my kitchen smells of ginger!! SPICY!

I can't wait to make jerky!!!


Lilim said...

I once borrowed my mother's dehydrator, thinking that it was powerful enough to handle thick-cut jerky without taking so long that the food would go bad.

I was wrong. I was horribly wrong!

And then my boyfriend's cat peed all over the machine, and I threw it away. So now I'm in the market for a replacement, for my mom. Excalibur, you say? Looks much better than the Ron Popeil piece o' crap we were using....

Ypsipearl said...

Excalibur is the best.

Now I'm inspired by your eeping to haul mine out and start it up. So you just dried the yogurt out without adding anything and it worked?

Deborah said...

Oh for a dehydrater. Kathy had one , don't know what happened to it. I was told I , I was told I 'd probably make us sick so I can't have one..... errrrrr