Thursday, March 27, 2008

road kill and litter

A raven got nailed by a car. It's corpse has lain in the road for almost three days now. The iridescent feathers fluttering in the wake of rush hour. It makes me sad. I want to stop and move the body--and then I am struck by a rather unwholesome desire to pluck the beautiful feathers out and use them to adorn the Steampunk top hat I do not yet own. Eww...I am not sure how to clean ravenburger from feather tips. Can you sanitize them? where? In the microwave? What reaction would oxyclean have?

and then the raccoon-- There is a big fat roadkill raccoon about 1/4 mile from the house. He is nestled between the yellow lines and is still relatively plump, seemingly undamaged by his recent death. He looks like he is just taking a nap in the middle of the road. He makes me think of Pom Poko.

Have you seen Pom Poko? The lovely anime by director Isao Takahata? He is quite consistent with Japanese folklore. The unsquished raccoons are portrayed as a highly sociable and very mischievous band of personified charming (if enormously ball sack-ed) characters. They are however, a little too fun-loving and way too fond of people food to be a real threat--you see dear one, the raccoons shapeshift to manipulate & trick the stooopid humans who are trashing their environment.

and speaking of environments--
The snow melts away (and insists upon coming back two days later) to reveal the slobbery piggishness of my fellow humans. Took the puppies in new direction yesterday--we walked towards Textile Rd. They were happy because that is the way Pete runs with them so they thought we were gonna go fast...heh--not so much. As we strode along confidently I couldn't help but notice the filthy litter. It seems that the residents of the cookie cutter houses are only tidy in their own front lawns. I might be sensitive because I continue to pull years of garbage out of the woods, but really is it that difficult to keep your empty beverage container in the car till you get to a recycling bin?? Honestly some people are so arrogant and clueless. What is particularly annoying that many of the bottles are returnable--so these schmucks are actually throwing dimes out the window too... oi.


Gwyneth said...

I was interested to see a couple of blackbirds/ravens eating a rabbit road-kill on the side of Lake drive this morning on my way to work. One of them had a big fluff of fur sticking out of its beak as it pulled another hunk of meat off. For some reason, it was cool rather than icky.

Daye said...

road kill is oddly attractive--Have you heard Pete's psych ward story about "the road kill warrior" the guy who was VERY oddly attracted to road kill??--he knew dead deer in the biblical sense--EEWWWW. Actually I am pretty sure Pete has told you this story.

big sigh

I miss you G.

Gwyneth said...

I miss you too, sweetie.

Lilim said...

You know you wish you had a scrotum that you could stretch into the form of a pirate ship. ;P Coolest party trick, evar.

Some tanning/taxidermy places carry a brush-in powder that sanitizes and shines bird feathers. I forget what it's called, but my uncle used to use it on feathers for Native American crafts, after hunting season.