Friday, March 21, 2008

there is a difference

There is a difference, between Consignment Shoppes, Thrift Stores, and Rummage Sales. I would like to say that my experience with these alternative shopping venues comes solely from a desire to "be green". To "reduce reuse and recycle"--but ya know what? My shopping instinct insists that everything be the same price it was in the late '70's. Remember? A Hershey bar w/almonds was .25? Gas was like .72 a gallon? But sadly, my freaky darlings. I am just a cheap weirdo. I don't like seeing other people wearing the same clothes I have on so I try to find uniq...--hmmm..ya know what? I used to put ALOT more effort into what I wear. Honestly, now that I am old and fat; if a garment fits and is comfortable-- I am good. It doesn't even have to match the other garments I am wearing. BUT! back when I was stylish and had the energy to show my creative side (and five sizes smaller) I became quite fond of vintage clothing. My mission started in Old Towne in Saginaw where I used to hang out. I spent those skinny summers in actual Victorian underwear. The linen, cotton and muslin underthings were quite the summery statement when paired with converse high tops or motorcycle boots. Very Cyndi Lauper Like a VIrgin--yep that was me. Suddenly I was preggers and my little size 2 jeans didn't fit anymore. So no more "Cinderella's Attic" (Sarnia ONT) or Elizagoth (Stratford) for me.

The antique shops and thrift stores became more a place to find a cast iron frying pan or Fiestaware (complete with uranium!!) than a place to put together an outfit for Saturday night. most of my Saturday nights are spent in flannel pj pants and Pete's sweater. But I digress. I wanted to review a new shop here in Ypsi and brag about my find (s). I got a chair for the guest room. In exquisite shape, cane seat and sturdy wood. $20! Love it!

The shop is on Washtenaw and I drive by it at least twice a week. The Second Chance Quality Consignmnet. It was pretty cool. Some of the stuff was a little pricey but some karma thing kept calling out to me. I knew if I stopped to browse I would find the perfect little chair. So, finally today Izzy and I checked it out. Bright, spotless and staffed with very eager (bored?) students. No more than three feet inside the door there was the chair! Vibrant green and the exact size. The coolest thing Izzy found was miniature sofa --perfect for her Sweeney Todd Playset (that is what she calls the mountain of cardboard boxes she is collecting and transforming into set pieces or little vignettes) The sofa is now the centerpiece in the Mrs. Lovett's Parlour room.

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Deborah said...

Theres nothing wrong with rummage sales, and consignment shops, {I like money } , and alas I'm probably cheaper than you. I agree with the same price as the 70's, try the 60's ! When I was a kid... bubblegum was a penny, bakery bread was 20 cents. Today I'm paying $4.00 for a gallon of 2% milk ! Whats wrong withn this picture ? Yesterday, I threw out my favorite shirt of 4 years.....crying here..... but ... HIT ESTATE SALES girl !