Saturday, March 1, 2008


It appears I am going to Chicago this August! I have been asked to sit on a panel discussion about Snape at a Harry Potter Conference. It is called TERMINUS. I am thrilled to be able to promote what I see as classic lit. in such a fun setting. Here is a little quote from the online press release, just in case you don't click the link;

"The programming for Terminus is drawn from the proposals made to the conference," noted Hallie Tibbetts, a Lead Event Organizer. "We invite scholars, professionals, and fans to share their analyses and interests surrounding Harry Potter and the related phenomenon with our attendees. Between the release of the final book and the continued fan interest, there are still hundreds of avenues to explore in presentations, and there's nothing quite so exciting as discussing Harry Potter with over a thousand other attendees who understand the allure of the books, films, and fan community."

After bouncing around and eeeping a lot, I actually looked at the schedule. Along with all the kick ass academic lectures, discussions and keynote speakery type moments-- there are of course social events in the evening. Two of which have already caught my eye. First off there is a "wake" for Severus at one of the Hilton's bars. And there is a "Farewell Ball". BALL?? Did somebody say BALL?? As in a perfectly valid reason to assemble a kick ass Steampunk outfit??
OH bayyyby! Off we go!


Ypsipearl said...

Congratulations! That is so perfect for you.

Daye said...

thanks. I am kinda vibrator-ry.