Monday, April 21, 2008


Currently 67 degrees and fair skies. Laundry is on the line and I am chilling with a glass of ice tea. Not really enough time to figure grades.

Remember last fall when I was trying to identify all the shrubs & trees? Well the hedge by the patio is forsythia. No doubt about that eh? There are also two huge magnolia trees, which I thought were tulip trees--but Brooke corrected me. I'll wait till they actually bloom before I put a pic of them.

I have found some actual tulips around the base of some of the bigger trees but they look like a LOT of leaf and not so much bud. I have no idea what color they will be. The forget me nots Iz planted are beautiful, and the daffs we planted did not get eaten by squirrels but they did get a little frostbite. Meanwhile the 300 some daffs I planted at Wallace three years ago are down to about 50, but they look great. The chives and oregano are just asking to get moved. I feel kinda weird--like I am stealing my own plants!

On other yard/garden news...
there are now strawberry seeds
planted up by the old rose bushes
AND the veggie garden boxes have been constructed (cedar) and filled w/ half compost half topsoil. Four kinds of lettuce, carrots and broccoli babies ARE IN DA GROUND!! EEEP! Must wait to put in the basil and tomato seedlings...sigh. After seeing the Dali Lama speak yesterday you would think I would be calmer, but no-- I am still a spaz.

I am not sure how Pete did it but he accomplished this wonderful thing and still helped with Isabel's 10th b-day party! Pics of Izzy and her friends are here


Gwyneth said...

Your yard looks bootifull. I miss you guys.

Daye said...

me too. soon darling--very soon