Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'd like to introduce Luna

Is she not the most perfect beastie you have ever seen? She is so well behaved. She adores Pete; when I was chucking laundry down the chute we got to the stinky running clothes layer of the hamper and she was all whimpery. She whined when he left this morning. Oi! If she was a humanpeople (as opposed to a doggypeople) we would have to have a chat!

She gets along great with Jarvis & Bree. Happily she is modeling her behavior on Jarvis waaay more than Bree so she can be off leash too. The kids love her. She brings me my shoes? Maybe a hint to go for ANOTHER walk? This morning was the first jaunt with just me and all three doggies. She ups the workout quite a bit lemme tell ya! She wants to hustle. Jarvis of course heeled nicely and Bree was her usual pain in the ass, but Luna couldn't quite decide where she was s'posed to be so she kept trying to duck around. A couple of times she tried to walk between my feet. She'll get it soon enough.
What is funny is watching her puppy enthusiasm outside. She wants to chase and play tag and run and fetch like she did with her daddy and sibs. But alas--this new pack is...sedentary at best! I toss the ball--she runs to get it and then looks at the other two like.."WELL?? Come get it!!" She is a breathe of fresh air and just blows Bree's crappy attitude right out the door!


Warren said...

She is beautiful. Enjoy each other.

biscodo said...

That's a pretty awesome pooch you got there. I wouldn't have called the pack "sedentary", but hey... what do I know. I only see Bree when she's tweaking.

Must be fascinating to watch the social dynamics work themselves out among the doggypeoples during these formative months. Can't wait to meet her.

Daye said...

okay maybe the pack is not "sedentary"--esp. concerning Bree's exercise needs--but how about
mmmm..."set in their ways"? Bree's play has always been very fierce and instinctual--tracking, digging, hunting. Fetch the ball--bring the ball to alpha--shake the crap out of ball as if it were a mole and it is time to break its neck. Jarvis just acts like an old man-- "yer cute kid--scratch my ears". Luna wants to *play*, she is like Tigger!!

Gwyneth said...

I'm impressed that you have another dog - but she looks beautiful.

Lilim said...

Awww, she's gorgeous!