Friday, April 18, 2008



She is so good! The contrast between Bree (aka Stoopiddawg) and Luna is beyond remarkable. Some basic observations from the first three days

1. Luna comes when she is called.
2. Luna "sits" when asked.
3. Despite her Tarrach like fondness for hoarding shoes, she has not chewed a single inappropriate thing.
4. She waits at the door/stairs/edge of patio, and proceeds after me.
5. She whines twice, very quietly to ask to go out. Bree whines (seemingly) non-stop as many of you know--and it means NOTHING.
6. She does not try to eat out of the other doggies dishes. (Bree does)
7. She even wants the cranky kitty to play. She rolls over in submissive mode wagging her tail and the cat just sits there with its eyes closed.
8. She sits beside me if I stop. (She does shadow me pretty constantly. I have an entourage.)
9. She sleeps on the floor by the bed--not ON the bed.
10. She does not jump on people when they come in the house! And yet has the baritone "woof" that house alarms should.

I am soo happy!

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Deborah said...

Well how about that ! The Goddesses love you ! I'm thrilled she behaves , all I could see was complete chaos and different colored fur flying through the air.