Monday, May 12, 2008

Crown, a day of serious eep-age

WOW! What a great event! We travelled "home" to Northshield this weekend. Weds night I was kicking myself for not going to WMU Medieval Congress tap here; especially after Mistress M phoned to flaunt the catalog at me... BUT we hadn't seen Fina & T-rex in forever, Thomas was gonna be there... G had her boytoy The OTHER duke! (and we *needed* to hang out w/John)...I was so happy to see Jane and Corydon. SURPRISE Alexandre was there! So many friends! I was happy all day (even during the Almond Wars) mmmmmm Scotchy scotch!

PLUS two very good friends (Raito and Hrodir) were fighting and one other admired associate, the "old" War General Lief who is "generally" a good guy ;) was also on the list of Combatants. I needed to see who was going to be HRM Lars' heir.

So Pete & I drove to Millywalkay. The tourney was quick and clean and VERY entertaining. AND RAITO WON!!!! EEEEP!! It was kinda tough for me watching the final bout. I hold dear both Count Kitakaze Tatsu Raito and Count Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson. There is something very invigorating about watching tournaments. Don't get me wrong, I get just as big a buzz watching big melee battles, but the passion and prowess of one on one...*shiver* LOVE IT!! Then when Raito victoriously lifted Aesa up in the air ??? Yeah..I like this game. My smart girl Eua took this picture.

It wasn't just the exciting fighting, the effort put into the site tokens (really cool girdle books) and the beautiful backdrops for the thrones was stunning. The feast was plentiful and interesting, especially the fanciful pigbird at the end. Excellent work was done by the Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr. I really had a good time. It was one of those events where the cold rainy drive home is such an abrupt let down. Whimpery lame ass tears and despondent sighs of knowing it is gonna be MONTHS before we see each other again. Ya spend the whole day running around in fantasyland, drinking and flirting and being wowed by amazing people, laughing with friends who make you feel treasured just by smiling across the room (Hrodir!) and then...ya go home. Monday sucks.

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