Saturday, May 24, 2008

for GrampieRay & UnkaRichard

"How do you do it?"
"Can you teach me?"
"What is the recipe?"

Okay--constant readers--heads up! festive food occuring! The occasion? Eua is leaving for Africa and I want to cook for her. We both like Blood sports--neither of us will be attending the MK Crown so I invited her to watch the hockey (Wings vs Penguins game one of the Stanley cup Finals!!) game with us. Matt & Roxy are bringing her in from MSU. A large "family dinner"

OI!! So yesterday afternoon I started marinating hot wings for during the game (to be served with cold beer and salty snacks of course).

Three and a half pounds of chicken wings turned into drummiesticks ( a slimy but necessary procedure) and soaking in Marinade. Which consisted of about 3/4 cup Frank's hot sauce, 1/2 c. red pepper infused olive oil, 1/4 c. brown sugar dissolved in 1/2 c apple cider vinegar. Sealed in airtight tupperware and refriderpateted till about 45 minutes before game time. At which point they will be Baked on foil lined cookie sheets at 375F till they get the right cripsy chewy texture we like. We like'em dry round here--not all sloppy and saucy.

THIS MORNING: Started sourdough bread for Zoli's famous dinner rolls. Baked an angel food cake for RED&WHITE (Detroit's colors) Trifle. The red and white will be symbolized by white coconut custard and fresh strawberries.I have thus far Hulled and quartered the strawberries set them to soak in brandy and sugar. This morning I have blanched green beans and put them in a lemon juice garlic olive oil mariande. Green beans are for Salad Nicoise which will be served with ROASTED PENGUINS!! More on that later.

It is time for that fourth cup o' coffee.

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