Friday, May 30, 2008

LOST Season 4 Finale


So the pushers came over for dinner. We had spinach pies (actually they were more like spinach tiles--they were kinda flat. Delicious but thin) and olives, and beers of course. Rollo may have started a thing, BLUE MOON beer with a slice of orange. I am not normally a fruit in my beer kinda girl but these were tasty. Then we had a huge pile of roasted asparagus (my pee smells funny! ...snort... rofltm) and lamb burgers.

So I am explaining (making excuses) to Carol how Lisa & her Mom (Trini the most amazing adopted gramma in the world--she & Gramma Terry could have a contest and see who was the best adopted grandma) made these kick ASS burgers. They scored a 12 outta ten ya know? Ground lamb with the stuff inside the burger. Feta (see digression momentarily), oregano, diced tomato, black pepper. But the thing is when Clan Costello cooked-- the burgers were on an outside grill. The patties were seared crispy on the outside and tender juicy pink on the inside. I am thinking I should have gone with charcoal outdoors. I did them inside and I cooked them toooo low and slow. They were tasty but I missed the crispy outside. Also Trini's grocery store had these beautiful buns (snert). NOTE TO SELF: Hofoods maybe cool but they have a lame selection of burger buns. So ours were like a 7 outta 10.

Actually maybe a 6.5 cuz I effed up with the feta (here my darling reader is our preplanned digression). I thought I had two containers of feta--not so much. By the time I had the spinach pies in the oven I realized there was no feta for the burgers. Damn it. Luckily C&R already love me so we just rolled with it.

The carrot cake made up for it. Oh baby did the carrot cake make up for it. That is the best damn carrot cake recipe IN THE WORLD!!

If you haven't watched the finale of LOST yet you may want to leave now. Here is your *SPOILER ALERT* & a complete lack of a transitional statement.

Guess who was in the coffin?? LOCKE!! HE is Jeremy Bentham how sick is that? You know the story about how they roll Bentham's mummified corpse our for department meetings right? --EWWW--So we are all sitting there staring at the idiot box and I am all like--remember??? Bentham is one of Kate's old lovers--so we bust out LOSTPedia SYNOPSIS HERE and yeah ...I am full of shit--too much cake I think...or maybe beer...whatever... this was a great two episodes.

At the end of the first hour I was praising the DVR. God I hate commercials. I cannot WAIT till this Season is on DVD. ActionSayid was in another amazing fight, eyeliner boy and his mysterious ways appeared and (somehow I thought he was a pacifist) popped off a round just in time. Juliet gets to drink Rum with half nakey Sawyer (anybody else see the Pirates of the C. reference...NOT THE RUM!) The baby is still alive, but not Jin so much. Claire is a ghostie (yes I just coined that term), Mr. Ecko is playing chess with big H. and best of all DESMOND AND PENNY ARE TOGETHER!!! YAY!!

So we were trying to reassemble rosters after the death knells stopped ringing--Rose & Bernard, Juliet & Sawyer, Charlotte are all for sure on the island. Daniel & co are a mystery-- did their raft go w/ the island?? Ben is in the desert with his parka, Keamy is a Zombie. Kate keeps a gun in her closet (big surprise there eh?)--Jack is crazy. Sun is on a vendetta. Hurly/Hamlet is not crazy he is just skeered of the bad guy in the parking lot. Lapidis is with Des & Penny--remember Frank crying? WHEN was that? was it a flash FWD? or a flashback?? How many others are there? Will Sun get to kill Ben? Will Ben kill Penny? Tune in in February for the sands through the hourglass--

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Tierra said...

Holy shit woman! This was quite the season finale! I have to admit though, I am a bit confused by some of what you say about the relationship between characters! Like, how do you come to the conclusion that lock is Ben???? Or that Ben used to be one of Kate's lovers????

I just don't get that!