Friday, May 16, 2008


I clearly remember my dad describing pretty girls as 'maters. Like Sally Field, My dad really likes Sally Field. Prly cuz my mom looks alot like her.

ANYWAY...I planted my tomatoes today. Four heirloom beefstakes and nine Roma, plus six cherry. I still have about eight "square foots" left. I know green beans and peppers are still on the list. I have eggplant seeds started but they aren't doing much yet. Luna keeps stepping on the baby cukes. They are gonna need their trellis just to protect them from Miss Nosy Paws. Gad that dog has big feet!

OH! I saw a toad today! How cool is that? Isn't it early for toads? Xanni wasn't quite sure whether or not he wanted to touch it. Then it peed on me. Aren't I cursed now? Of course after the toad pee induced giggle fit-- THEN he wanted to touch it!

In strictly decorative gardening news; the ferns are going NUTS. They are huge and beautiful. I think tomorrow I will start weeding the bed around the flagpole. I actually think I am going to rearrange the border and work *with* the past three years of grass creeping into what I am sure was once a lovely rock garden.

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