Saturday, May 24, 2008

phase two

One could choose to look at preparing a meal as a strategic maneuver. One must take into account not only the likes and dislikes of the diners ( the weaknesses and strengths of one's enemy--not that I would cook for enemies--that would be dumb. OOH UNLESS you were gonna pull a Titus Andronicus and feed The goth queen's sons to her in a tasty pie!--ah as usual--I digress.

The planning of a successful dinner party includes precise menu planning and a well thought out schedule. OH yes! a tight schedule. For example today dinner is at 6. In fact dinner is pretty much always at 6 around here. and frankly sometimes getting everything on the table at the right temp is about all I can handle. But today I am in a groove.

The wee beasties (ie eight cornish hens) have been introduced to their orange sesame marinade and snuggled into appropriate roasting pans. That got briefly interesting when I had them all in one big pan looking oh so picture perfect--but the pan wouldn't fit in the oven. good thing I have two ovens!!

In the space of time from the last post I have also gotten the trifle assembled. Coconut custard smothering strawberries which are nestled in bright red layers among giant hunks of angel food cake. It is gonna ROCK! mmm.

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