Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What did you do?

We were so chill we didn't even "roll"--we sorta "st-rolled" through the weekend. In fact if Matt's friend "Fish" (aka Morgan) hadn't bounced around us in little circles Saturday night we might not have even managed the energy average required to rank "stroll". Melllllllow.

Chris & Gretchen helped "decorate"the penguin but couldn't stay through Friday night. ): Eua came for a bye-bye dinner (which you are prly sick of hearing about by now!) and we watched the Wings win. She wasn't necessarily familiar with the Wings or even the NHL in general but we had fun. We were all kinda revved about the results of the Middle Kingdom adventures but eventually Arianna and Faillen pointed out that we were 24 hours early!!

Over the course of the weekend we introduced Roxy to Hippie Hash at the Fleetwood but the highlight for the evening was "No Country for Old Men." Wow. That was pretty violent even for the Cohen Bros. She & Pete loved it. Matt went bar hopping with friends. I read my book, (Micheal Chabon's Gentlemen of the Road) it was also violent but less graphically so-ironic how much energy we spent watching other people beat the crap out of each other.

On Monday Pete cleaned up a big windfall mess. We finally dragged that broken Maple tree crown over to the woodlot. We really need a chainsaw. We soaked in the sunshine and in tub. We napped. We played BloingBall and then last night watched the Wings win again!!! YES!!!

So there was really nothing too special just calm and quiet, Pete played his guitar (and actually plugged it in for once so it didn't sound like tinfoil strings.

The video below is what we missed at the MK Crown Faillen described the craziness at the end of the clip as " A massive Middle Kingdom pep rally."
Everybody yelling "Draco Invictus" and feeling all proud. With good reason!

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