Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The devil's work!!!

HFCS ad campaign accused of deception

By Sarah Hills, FoodNavigator

A row has broken out over high fructose corn syrup after the Corn Refiners Association's attempts to boost the image of the sweetener attracted criticism.

The CRA, a national trade association representing the corn refining (wet milling) industry of the United States, launched an advertising and public relations campaign to address the "many myths, inaccuracies and untruths associated with the sweetener", which have been linked to obesity.

Now the Center for Science in the Public Interest wants the association to change some of the text used in the campaign which claims that high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) "has the same natural sweeteners as table sugar".

CSPI's executive director Michael F Jacobson says the text is deceptive because HFCS consists almost entirely of glucose and fructose and not a single molecule of sucrose.

It comes just a few months after the two organizations outlined their joint position on the subject in February.

Jacobson told "The Corn Refiners could simply and quickly change the text to make their ads honest and non-deceptive.

"Sugar is 100 percent sucrose. It is true that adding a water molecule to sucrose and splitting it in half yields one molecule each of glucose and fructose, but that is not the same as saying that HFCS and sugar contain the same sweeteners.

"It is also deceptive to imply that HFCS is natural. HFCS starts out as cornstarch, which is chemically or enzymatically degraded to glucose (and some short polymers of glucose). Another enzyme is then used to convert varying fractions of glucose into fructose.

"High fructose corn syrup just doesn't exist in nature."

Jacobson added that the "harmfulness" of HFCS had become an urban myth as nutritionally, HFCS and sucrose may be identical.

But he said: "That's no excuse for this deceptive advertising campaign."

Audrae Erickson, president of the CRA, would not say if they planned to change the text in question, referring instead to a document and jointly signed letter by the CRA and the CSPI. This demonstrated what she described as "our common position" that "HFCS, like table sugar and honey, is composed of fructose and glucose, which are found in many other naturally-occurring foods".

Erickson claims that essentially HFCS is the same as table sugar and honey, and has the same number of calories. She also says it is natural as it is made from corn, a natural grain product and contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients or color additives.

The CRA's newspaper, magazine and television advertisements aim to provide "balanced information about high fructose corn syrup to allow consumers to make informed decisions based on science".


HFCS is commonly used in soft drinks and processed foods and has been associated with rising obesity levels.

Obesity is currently thought to affect more than 64 per cent of the US's adult population, and 16 per cent of children, and has been repeatedly linked with an increased risk of other health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

This month the American Medical Association (AMA) concluded after studying current research, that it does not appear to contribute more to obesity than other caloric sweeteners.

It said there was currently insufficient evidence to restrict the use of high fructose syrup or label products that contain it with a warning. But it called for further independent research to be done on the health effects of high fructose syrup and other sweeteners.

A recent survey by the MSR Group on behalf of the CRA revealed that more than two-thirds of respondents did not know that high fructose corn syrup and table sugar have the same number of calories Almost two-thirds of those surveyed do not understand that high fructose corn syrup contains the same simple sugars - glucose and fructose - as table sugar

Legal challenges

This month a US federal judge rejected a claim by Stacy Holk, who filed the suit on behalf of herself and other consumers, that the use of the term 'all natural' on Snapple drinks was deceptive because the products contained HFCS.

The case, which was decided on preemption grounds, was filed by judge Mary Cooper from the US District Court of New Jersey.

The discrepancy arises from the lack of a clear definition of the term 'natural' from the nation's Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

However, Judge Cooper said it was up to FDA, not the court, to define 'natural'.

And last year, both Cadbury Schweppes and Kraft faced lawsuits after making 'natural' label claims on 7Up and Capri Sun respectively. Both companies changed the labeling of their products before any legal action was taken.

FDA does not define the term 'natural', and it has therefore been left open to different interpretations.

However, the FDA has said that products containing HFCS cannot be considered 'natural' and should not be labeled as such.

In response to an inquiry from, the regulatory agency examined the composition of HFCS, which it said is produced using synthetic fixing agents.

"Consequently, we would object to the use of the term 'natural' on a product containing HFCS", according to the agency's Geraldine June.

This message brought to you by Bee Culture, The Magazine Of American Beekeeping

I am serious. I have extra lettuce. Come get some!

Gertrude (17 days old) is doing well. Despite her big girl feathers sprouting; she thinks she is a people. She really enjoys being outside and ate a whole big worm yesterday. She completed her first two shifts in the tomato patch. She is a good gardener. Tho she did nearly scratch up a basil plant. She would prly like a new roommate.

Frankly, I can't deal with anymore death at the moment. She keeps getting out at night and last night I about peed my pants laughing. She was all peep peep peep peep so we could hardly hear The Daily Show, when all of the sudden she got louder (mmm Doppler Effect). Startled-- I looked out in the kitchen and here she comes down the hallway just as cocky and confident...I leaped from the couch and scooped her into the safety of my bosom but it was of no concern to either doggie (they were zonked) so she sat on the couch with us and watched Ace of Cakes and The Colbert Report.
It was odd. This chicken is NOT going to live in the house. We are waiting till she is big enough to not squeeze through the bars --then she has till she can peck Jarvis on the nose--then she is OUTSIDE!

Monday, June 23, 2008

awwww CRAP

George Carlin died.


Sierra Club Wants Treatments stopped, NOW!
From Alan Harman
The Sierra Club accuses the U.S. Department of Agriculture of caving in to lobbyists over massive bee deaths and compares this with Germany taking a major step to keep their bees pollinating crops.
In light of the mounting evidence that new seed chemical coatings are deadly to bees and action by Germany calling for their immediate suspension, the Sierra Club reaffirmed its call for a U.S. moratorium on specific chemical treatments to protect our bees and crops until more study can be done.
It cites Germany's federal agricultural research institute as saying, "It can unequivocally be concluded that poisoning of the bees is due to the rub-off of the pesticide ingredient clothianidin from corn seeds."
At issue are the neonicotinoids, including clothianidin, being used in a new way - as seed coatings.
For years, farmers have been spraying neonicotinoids onto their crops to stop insect infestation. Now Bayer, Syngenta and Monsanto have acquired patents to coat their proprietary corn seeds with these neonicotinoids.
"Part of the equation in the U.S. is genetically engineered corn, as more and more corn seeds are being gene spliced with a completely different species -- a bacterium," says Walter Haefeker of the German Beekeepers Association Board of Directors. "Bayer and Monsanto recently entered into agreements to manufacture neonicotinic-coated genetically engineered corn. It's likely that this will worsen the bee die-off problem."
A Sierra Club statement says American Beekeeping Federation former president David Hackenburg has been urging the U.S. Department of Agriculture to do more study.
"Look at what's time based,” it quotes Hackenburg as saying. “The massive bee decimation started when regulatory agencies rubber stamped the use of neonicotinoid spraying and coating."
Sierra Club genetic engineering committee chairman Laurel Hopwood says the club joins the concern of beekeepers.
"It's unfortunate that regulatory agencies are using double speak,” he says. “They claim to protect our food supply - yet they aren't doing the proper studies. The loss of honeybees will leave a huge void in the kitchens of the American people and an estimated loss of $14 billion dollars to farmers. We call for a precautionary moratorium on these powerful crop treatments to protect our bees and our food."

This message brought to you by Bee Culture, The Magazine Of American Beekeeping

Steep Learning Curve of an egg

What with their oval shape I am not surprised at the steep learning curve. Technically Sunday was pretty good day. Matt & Roxy and breakfast at The Bomber. (yes the restaurant that was on Food Network back a while..I like the place but it ain't THAT great! Izzy loves the chocolate chip pancakes)

We had awesome weather, which led to our decision to take the chicks outside to their pen. Eventually we decided that they would be fine unsupervised...and they were, for the bulk of the day. Somebody would occasionally pop out and do a head count--be sure that all was well. As long as we shooed the doggies away-- all seemed quite lovely. Chickens OUTSIDE! I like it!!

Finally about 2:30-3:00-- Matt & Roxy decided to indeed hit the road (despite my best efforts to dissuade them with Bulgolgi & dumplings) back to MSU in order to make Roxana's job interview. (which she got!! YAY Roxy!!) And we all stopped paying attention to the dogs in order to pack up the kids and write checks and give hugs and all that.

During this flurry of activity the weather had started to cloud up and Petey & I paused to check the weather channel. (This dear readers was the glitch in the time frame--I should have just gone out to get them) however, after confirming impending rain-- I went out to bring in the little peepers before they turned into soggy feather boas & before our Scrabble guests arrived-- Roxy also wanted to "hug" them goodbye. But, before we could get the chick transportation device (old hamster cage) I saw Jarvis out by the pen.

I immediately & loudly scolded him for being so close to the chicks without a people but my reprimand was too late--he had taken the opportunity that the departure prep of Sparty kids and the imminent onset of rain provided, to tunnel under the coop. (I suppose the good news is he couldn't breach the fence) Juliet and Lady Mac had met their demise.

It wasn't pretty. They were completely disemboweled. They looked like something Anthony Bourdain would eat on his show No Reservations.

The big kids hung out long enough to help add another grave to the old fire pit.

Gertrude is our only remaining chick. I haven't quite yet decided what to do. She is a social creature and at the risk of anthropomorphizing--I think she misses her sisters. She is definitely bored and lonely. And she can still squeeze thru the un chickenwired dog crate bars. In fact, she escaped last night but Evan saved her before the dogs realized anything was amiss. She is adamant that somebody chill with her or she peeps like a madwoman and tries to escape. All I can think of is Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper.

Jarvis obviously has priority and I can't really be angry with him. It is kinda like setting a bowl of ice cream in front of a kid and saying. "Please don't eat this." Then walking away.

I will probably get more BIGGER chicks. (The teenagers I originally planned for perhaps?) Kate said she would help redesign the coop. I have a big chunk of concrete backer board left from the upstairs bathroom fiasco. I'm glad I hadn't ordered the $89 laying boxes for this winter yet. I am kinda bummed out.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pet condo

We have R&C's as yet non existent puppy's crate stacked on top of Luna's crate, which is next to Jarvis' crate--so we have the pet condo. The chicks get the penthouse. Rollo was concerned because whenever we said "crate" Luna would fold herself origami style into Jarvis' crate. We thought it was funny. Every time! She is such a good dog.I Could never get the camera fast enough tho! So Friday night Rollo scooted back to their house got their unused crate and now everybody has place if we step out of the yard. Most importantly Jarvis can't get to the chicks. They do seem quite interested in tempting him by sticking their heads out through the bars. Gosh I'll be glad when they are big enough to sass back.

in other news--
Scrabble is here today. We have ramped up the weekly game by moving it to a permanent (for summer anyway) day and included potluck. This week is Korean. I am trying to find a Korean cocktail.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Third night

I think we have a system. All was quiet in Puppetland last night. Everyone seems to be growing. The kids are learning about "pecking order" in that Izzy was sure Juliet was being abused. I explained..."Ya know how I will say..Hey Matt do the dishes?" she nods--and then Matt tells Z. to do the dishes? she smiled grasping the concept immediately..So "Juliet has to do the dishes??" "Yep."

We do have to switch out the newspaper today. That should be entertaining.

In other news the Steam Punk skirt is finished.I love the fabric--color changing taffeta. It is really chocolate-y in person. But then the purple jumps out. So fun!
It is a little longer in the front then I had hoped. But there is that whole short thing, and I was barefoot. I can walk easily that was the main concern.

The bottom photo shows how I may bustle it up in the back. It rustles!!
I am pleased. Farewell Ball here I come!

The only thing it needs is a taller person to wear it. I am now searching for/collecting accessories-- mmmmmmm goggles.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Second night

The first night w/chicks was very quiet, as they were very sleepy after spending the day outside. BUT last night they were full of piss and vinegar and Lady Mac kept trying to squeeze through the bars of the dog crate. Their heads fit but their little booties get stuck. Can you just see me sitting on the floor by Luna's crate yelling "NO CHICKEN!! Stay in the crate!!" while hurriedly inserting sheets of cardboard between the crate walls...alternating between the menfolk (plus Evan) and their farting and laughing at SemiPro and then S. calling and trying to find Roaring Wastes Fight Practise--so I call Arianna cuz she will have Brannos' number and he for sure will know where Roaring Wastes Fight Practise is (she made it BTW--thanks Your rock) FINALLY about 11pm I could get back into my book. Which is awesome in an A.S. Byatt meets Amelia Peabody with a heavy dose of sonnets and Italian lemons

Hopefully they will grow enough today that we have different drama tonight. Did you know chickens are originally jungle birds? They like the HEAT--wasn't it just 90F?? where in the hell did the summer temps go? Chickens need to be OUTSIDE.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Peepers

I feel like a fangirl but one can't help but squeal...OM MY GAWD!!! they are sooooo cuuuuuute!! Brooke wanted to put hats and aprons on them. I said NO. Sarah wanted to name one..NOPE. Come January when I have to hike out to the barn in the cold...they will be *my* stinky chickens and they are named names *I* want to call them and animals don't wear clothes. That is why they are animals! (admittedly Jarvis does have a LGD (little gay dog) sweater but that is cuz he has no hair on his tummy!)

So to recap--we have three Buff Orphingtons:
the bellwether...Lady Macbeth or Miss bossy pants,
Juliet (the littlest) who has no tail feathers yet and Zoli insists upon calling Foodiette cuz she sits in the food dish; last but not least-- Gertrude who WAS highly interchangeable with Desdemona (who is now Deadamona as Jarvis could not control his baser instincts and sorta chomped her. It was a moment.) But Gertrude is now very distinct in her yellow fluffiness as she is the middle size. And Deadamona is buried in the woods. We should prly have named them LG, MED & SM--but that isn't very original.

It is very difficult to tell them apart, especially when they are asleep (60% of the time). Their feet are differently shaded and they have their "chickenalities" (Zoli insists they do NOT have PERSONalities) which are distinct but other than that --they are little peeping, pooping fluff balls that are completely indiscernible from one another. They eat 24-7. They know Morse code. When they drink it is so cute. And they do chicken yoga!!

They have three new poses to teach me. The Sleeping on head pose. Which is an extreme forward bend so that the top of your head is flat on the ground. Then you nap for 45 seconds. They also have the stretch your leg behind you which is a sort of a kinetic Mountain/Tree Pose and their third nouveau asana is the drinking stretch which I shall practise more fully with a martini. You take a tiny sip then tilt your head back and swallow while shaking your beak. Something tells me it isn't gonna be the featured pose in Yoga Journal next month!

We finished the run & coop yesterday (ah the irony..all that work and they are too little stay out there!) and then the kids and I zipped out to Belleville and picked them up. They were $2.50 each. I wanted to get month olds ($3) who are more capable of pecking a dog on the nose AND not freezing to death, OUTSIDE IN THEIR RUN!! but nooooo Isabel wanted little fluff balls so last night I was a little stressy thinking if the low got down to 68F and they are sposed to maintain 80F--yeah the chickens are in the house...sigh. They grow fast. By the time Fina & Brandi get here they should look like chickens.

I hope.

Monday, June 16, 2008

actual news

Lettuce Rejoice! We have harvested the first crop from the garden! (That was Pete's joke, don't groan at me.)
AND...drumroll please...the chickens are here!!
We have three one week old Buff Orphingtons. They are named Lady Macbeth, Juliet and Gertrude. I believe it is Lady Mac in the picture. We had one named Desdamona but Jarvis couldn't control him self and he snatched one up and she is now named Deaddamona...bummer. Life goes on. And until the little peepers are better able to flap their wings at nosy little predators we are maintaining strict doggie - chicken separation.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


No SCA event. Ok.
Get chickens!!!
Ooops need drill. Visit Andre. Good plan..make a chicken coop.
call chicken man before driving to Belleville--ACK!! He is in the U P for the weekend.
back to getting birdies On Monday
Go to Flint art fair. Draw on Pete's foot cuz he needs a sexy tattoo like Sarah's
Matt comes home early. His race was a success. He scares me.

and NOW...It is father's day.

Friday, June 13, 2008

jangled nerves


I like to have control in my life. I like things where I control the speed; motorcycles, snowmobiles, cars. Who doesn't love a good handbrake? One thing I cannot control is the weather. When I was about seven or eight years old I saw a tornado go through a mobile home park. I saw a trailer collapse in on itself as if it were a beer can in the fist of college football player. In my mind it is like the smoke monster on LOST.

As an adult, I have overcome my complete dread of thunder storms by watching my husband who goes out and welcomes the smell of ozone. The anticipation on his face, he looks like he is getting ready for a roller coaster. But damn..ya the last few weeks I have begun to wonder if Global Warming isn't dragging us into a new climate. Like the dinosaurs (maybe a modern correlative would be polar bears) are gonna go extinct any second now.

It appears to me that flowers are blooming faster and frankly the weather has just been WIERD. It makes my stomach hurt.
Sudden little freaky storms that break clotheslines and TREES!

The broccoli tree finally fell down. It squashed Jim & Gwen's garage.

and now Wisconsin has washed away. I am sure you saw on the weather channel the footage of Lake Delton washing into the river, it has rained so much our SCA event had to cancel because the park is under water, the bridge washed out and the highway north of Chicago is closed and they are "rescuing people by boat." Feh.

here is a snippet from the depressing email

"Greetings to the loyal friends of the Griffon and Dragon,

It is with a heavy heart that the Autocrats of Border Skirmish V, set to start today and run through Sunday, inform you that the event is cancelled due to heavy rains last night at the campsite. There is between 2-4 inches of standing water all over the fields. We were hoping that the weather would hold and the event could continue as planned but Mother Nature has decided against that. The skirmish between the Kingdoms of Northshield and
the Midrealm has been put on hold for our lands to dry from the wet. We are sorry for the last minute notice to you all.

We ask the populace of the Known World to help spread the word of the event being cancelled to as many lists as we can.

We are hoping to reschedule the Border Skirmish event for a later time in the summer/fall. We will send correspondence in regards to a new date as soon as we can.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you at Border Skirmish V later in the year. If anyone has any questions either of the autocrats would be happy to help you."


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ice cream news from Kim F.

I know it seems like I have forgotten the bees--I haven't-- I am just afraid to inve$t until we know more about CCD. Here is a newsbite from somebody who is actively trying to fix this nasty threat to our agricultural saftey.

Haagen-Dazs joins with others in Helping The Honey Bee!
Just three months after the Haagen-Dazs brand announced its national Haagen-Dazs loves Honey Bees(TM) program and its pledge to donate $250,000 to Pennsylvania State University and the University of California, Davis, to fund sustainable pollination and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) research, the ice cream brand is following in the apiary tradition of teamwork and announcing several new and notable partnerships with organizations that share the goal of helping honey bees.

The Haagen-Dazs brand has partnered with, an organization dedicated to preserving the health of honey bees and native pollinators in the U.S. The two organizations will host an "Ice Cream Social on the Hill" in Washington, D.C. during National Pollinator Week June 22-28 to keep honey bees and America's hardworking and struggling beekeepers top-of-mind for legislators and decision makers.

In the meantime, My mom and my greatAunt Sally have given me a pretty thorough background in keeping hens-- so I am moving the chickens up the priority ladder. I am confident with them; with the bees I am a noob. It seemed like the bees would be more likely to NOT need a "bee sitter" (despite the fact that we aren't planning anything beyond four day weekends this summer--what with two houses and a college student.--but in fact it seem the chickens are first. So Monday I drive to Belleville and pick them up. I am contemplating naming them after Shakespearean females, thus Lavinia, Ophelia, Juliet,Gertrude, Lady Mac and Desdemona. Whaddya think? Zoli wanted to name them after Greek gods


This quirky little film noir is set in the halls of a huge ass modern-day high school. It reminded me of Trevor Walters' work --obviously with better production values! Yep--There are definate comparisons between writer-director Rian Johnson and Trev. Teenage loner Brendan Fry (who could totally be recast with Gareth Walters!!) is the Sam Spade wannabe who cruises his school's social networks when his true love ends up floating in a sewer.

Slick as shit cinematography. The choppy stilted dialogue is perfect Dash H.! Over-acted & Melodramatic? Sure! Cliché ridden teen angst? mmmm hmmm! I LOVED IT!

Somebody (their screenname was JD and some numbers) on netflix said this, "This film combines the most breathtaking screenwriting and brilliant direction down a indie alleyway and beats it with a film noir stick."

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I get my chickens on MONDAY!!!

These are the finalists in the six pet chickens who happen to lay eggs category. Top choice Buff Orphies, second Ameraucana (they lay pretty eggs, last choice but pretty damn sturdy White Rocks (snicker). I may only get one of each, or I may get six Buff Orphington (No that isn't a porn name!) Nonetheless, Monday I shall have no more than six chickens. EEEP!--err I mean cheep!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Rufflupogus mock up

here is how the back looks--very swishy!
and here is the front. short for confidently striding from my dirigible to a cafe!

oooh is it Bloomsday so soon?

On June 16, James Joyce aficionados the world over celebrate Bloomsday.
The day is named after advertising salesman Leopold Bloom, protagonist of
Joyce's novel Ulysses. The entirety of this book recounts an ordinary day,
June 16, 1904, as various characters go about their ways in Dublin, Ireland.
If those 700+ pages are too much, here's an illustrated and irreverent
summary of the book: click here

the skirt

Obviously this is not the world's best image, however it is prly more descriptive than me saying "booty bow"!
Saturday I started work on the Steampunk outfit for the Farewell Ball at Terminus (the HP Con in Chicago this August). The jacket was purchased and is a silver brocade. The skirt is Victorian (with a hem issue). I got four yards of dbl wide poly taffeta, from Haberman's FABRIC STORE in Royal Oak. It is 'color changing' or iridescent and is a dark chocolate purple. Melisant held a garb workshop in EMU's costume shop and she drew the design for me and she is coaching me through the construction. (Thank the goddess!) I need to get the mock up (a practice skirt made in MUCH cheaper fabric) done this week because I really want this puppy done before Fina and Brandy get here ( July 3!!!) So I should go find some muslin and get to work.

Friday, June 6, 2008

sunblock and water baybee

click here

Or if you are too lazy-- just watch this

Thursday, June 5, 2008



So-- I cut the wire to fit with my spiffy new tin snips. I quickly figured out it was best to work against the coil of the roll. After I was brutally molested by the chicken wire trying to re-roll itself (Not too bad on the skin getting scratched, except where the flip flops and cute skirt afford no protection from the invisible and sharp little ends of the chicken wire) I ended up with a cinder block holding down one end and the watering can holding down the other.
Then I saw the boards to the correct length; (at this point I think to my self--damn-- this is gonna rock!! This is so easy.) then I remember that I have lent Andre my drill so I can't really connect the boards just yet--okay. It is gonna be a pretty simple procedure. Screw four boards together to make a box, drape chicken wire over box. Protect lettuce from hungry legomorphs. EXCEPT, Luna will insist upon carrying away the boards... and it is hot & muggy today. Did I mention I don't have a drill to screw the four corners of the frame together? God damn it Luna those sticks are NOT for "fetch". OKAY! I can take a hint. Fate is telling me to pause.
In for ice water break.
Back out in the garden--
I sprinkled chili powder all around the lettuce this trick has worked with traditional furrow plantings, neither bunnies nor chipmunks seem to care for spicy smells. and dear reader, I shit you sooner do I start to walk away and call Andre about his new curtains at his new crib & the drill..LUNA IS LICKING THE CHILI POWDER OUT OF THE LETTUCE PATCH!!

evil chipmunks and 60 lb kittens

YAY the Wings won!! And Hank got the Conn Smythe how cool is that?? Pete wants to go to the parade! Personally, I think it is gonna be a little hot-- but what the hell--the kids both have half days so off we go!!

In the mean time there has been an incident in the garden. Somebody ate an entire head of lettuce right down to the stub!! I suspect a chipmunk. They were seeming particularly frisky yesterday. I think it is time to make the chicken wire lid that Mel Barthlemew reccommends in his book Square Foot Gardening Speaking of Sq Ft Gardening-- Emily and Amanda stopped by last night under the misguided advice that Scrabble was LAST night. But it was cool because Amanda is the Queen of Growing Hope and she complimented me on how good the garden looks! I felt quite proud despite...well--let's just say she inspired me to weed a lot this morning. We have had two days of rainy cool weather and I kinda ignored the weeding. But their visit was totally cool! She is a hero in my book and it meant a lot to get her approval.

Luna has taken it upon herself to guard against any future invasions. Speaking of Luna, imagine if you can a 60 lb kitten. She is so goofy and playful and curious. Example? I was rolling about 75 feet of hose back up and she was pouncing on it like a kitten on a ball of yarn. By the time the sprayer got up by the cart she was so thoroughly tangled in hose that she looked like she had been attacked by a boa constrictor.
Click here for other shots of gardeny things.The broccolli is doing great, as you can see here. This rampart growth is despite a brief intrusion of slug nibblers. A handful of diatomacteous earth shooed them away. I also re arranged the green beans cuz they were getting crowded and they haven't even bloomed yet.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

sad panda

They failed at the Joe.
well, R&T and Petey & Eric went TO the Red Wings game last night. (This morning?) Oh my gawd!! three overtimes! Christ. All I did was sit on the couch and watch it on CBC & I am whipped. I can't imagine the drive home afterward esp after THEY LOST. (fuck) we have a game six. I'm not sure if I should be happy or not...more hockey is always good I suppose.

THIRTY FOUR SECONDS and the Penguins of Doom scored!!! HOW?? WHY?? This ended up being the longest game in Wings history. It's like a whole 'nother game. Even though my boys didn't get their win after regulation time; they weren't done yet. I texted Matty. OT!! and then 20 minutes later ANOTHER OT!! Then I fell aslep and woke up and it was a THIRD OT-- if I was nervous then, the nauseous feeling was nearly unbearable, adrenilaine or sleeplessness... can you say roller coaster?? YAY!! they tied it up. YAY they are ahead! NOOOOO they are down. Every time Pittsburgh had possesion I was sick. Watching the damn clock and praying to every god of War I had ever heard of. Then in the third period we got an effing four minute penalty for high sticking! GIVE ME A BREAK! The officiating SUCKED. Just ask Don Cherry.giggle
Detroit was leading shots on goal for the bulk of the game, especially the third period. Madame Maxime and his last minute bid for a win. GRRRRR.

Guess where I'll be Weds night!!