Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This quirky little film noir is set in the halls of a huge ass modern-day high school. It reminded me of Trevor Walters' work --obviously with better production values! Yep--There are definate comparisons between writer-director Rian Johnson and Trev. Teenage loner Brendan Fry (who could totally be recast with Gareth Walters!!) is the Sam Spade wannabe who cruises his school's social networks when his true love ends up floating in a sewer.

Slick as shit cinematography. The choppy stilted dialogue is perfect Dash H.! Over-acted & Melodramatic? Sure! Cliché ridden teen angst? mmmm hmmm! I LOVED IT!

Somebody (their screenname was JD and some numbers) on netflix said this, "This film combines the most breathtaking screenwriting and brilliant direction down a indie alleyway and beats it with a film noir stick."

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