Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am serious. I have extra lettuce. Come get some!

Gertrude (17 days old) is doing well. Despite her big girl feathers sprouting; she thinks she is a people. She really enjoys being outside and ate a whole big worm yesterday. She completed her first two shifts in the tomato patch. She is a good gardener. Tho she did nearly scratch up a basil plant. She would prly like a new roommate.

Frankly, I can't deal with anymore death at the moment. She keeps getting out at night and last night I about peed my pants laughing. She was all peep peep peep peep so we could hardly hear The Daily Show, when all of the sudden she got louder (mmm Doppler Effect). Startled-- I looked out in the kitchen and here she comes down the hallway just as cocky and confident...I leaped from the couch and scooped her into the safety of my bosom but it was of no concern to either doggie (they were zonked) so she sat on the couch with us and watched Ace of Cakes and The Colbert Report.
It was odd. This chicken is NOT going to live in the house. We are waiting till she is big enough to not squeeze through the bars --then she has till she can peck Jarvis on the nose--then she is OUTSIDE!

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