Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I get my chickens on MONDAY!!!

These are the finalists in the six pet chickens who happen to lay eggs category. Top choice Buff Orphies, second Ameraucana (they lay pretty eggs, last choice but pretty damn sturdy White Rocks (snicker). I may only get one of each, or I may get six Buff Orphington (No that isn't a porn name!) Nonetheless, Monday I shall have no more than six chickens. EEEP!--err I mean cheep!


Deborah said...

I had 6 Buffs , remember ? When we lived in the green house on M-15 by Gramma Doris. I loved those chickens if you can love a chicken. Got them from Calvin Cooper's Grampa. They lay rown eggs , dad's favorite. At $2.29 a doz. , lucky you ! The others are fine too .

Daye said...

I do remember them. So does Pete, well he remembers when Daddy burned the old coop. He is still giggling.
I am gonna be putting up fence today. Wanna help?