Monday, June 23, 2008

Steep Learning Curve of an egg

What with their oval shape I am not surprised at the steep learning curve. Technically Sunday was pretty good day. Matt & Roxy and breakfast at The Bomber. (yes the restaurant that was on Food Network back a while..I like the place but it ain't THAT great! Izzy loves the chocolate chip pancakes)

We had awesome weather, which led to our decision to take the chicks outside to their pen. Eventually we decided that they would be fine unsupervised...and they were, for the bulk of the day. Somebody would occasionally pop out and do a head count--be sure that all was well. As long as we shooed the doggies away-- all seemed quite lovely. Chickens OUTSIDE! I like it!!

Finally about 2:30-3:00-- Matt & Roxy decided to indeed hit the road (despite my best efforts to dissuade them with Bulgolgi & dumplings) back to MSU in order to make Roxana's job interview. (which she got!! YAY Roxy!!) And we all stopped paying attention to the dogs in order to pack up the kids and write checks and give hugs and all that.

During this flurry of activity the weather had started to cloud up and Petey & I paused to check the weather channel. (This dear readers was the glitch in the time frame--I should have just gone out to get them) however, after confirming impending rain-- I went out to bring in the little peepers before they turned into soggy feather boas & before our Scrabble guests arrived-- Roxy also wanted to "hug" them goodbye. But, before we could get the chick transportation device (old hamster cage) I saw Jarvis out by the pen.

I immediately & loudly scolded him for being so close to the chicks without a people but my reprimand was too late--he had taken the opportunity that the departure prep of Sparty kids and the imminent onset of rain provided, to tunnel under the coop. (I suppose the good news is he couldn't breach the fence) Juliet and Lady Mac had met their demise.

It wasn't pretty. They were completely disemboweled. They looked like something Anthony Bourdain would eat on his show No Reservations.

The big kids hung out long enough to help add another grave to the old fire pit.

Gertrude is our only remaining chick. I haven't quite yet decided what to do. She is a social creature and at the risk of anthropomorphizing--I think she misses her sisters. She is definitely bored and lonely. And she can still squeeze thru the un chickenwired dog crate bars. In fact, she escaped last night but Evan saved her before the dogs realized anything was amiss. She is adamant that somebody chill with her or she peeps like a madwoman and tries to escape. All I can think of is Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper.

Jarvis obviously has priority and I can't really be angry with him. It is kinda like setting a bowl of ice cream in front of a kid and saying. "Please don't eat this." Then walking away.

I will probably get more BIGGER chicks. (The teenagers I originally planned for perhaps?) Kate said she would help redesign the coop. I have a big chunk of concrete backer board left from the upstairs bathroom fiasco. I'm glad I hadn't ordered the $89 laying boxes for this winter yet. I am kinda bummed out.

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