Thursday, June 19, 2008

Third night

I think we have a system. All was quiet in Puppetland last night. Everyone seems to be growing. The kids are learning about "pecking order" in that Izzy was sure Juliet was being abused. I explained..."Ya know how I will say..Hey Matt do the dishes?" she nods--and then Matt tells Z. to do the dishes? she smiled grasping the concept immediately..So "Juliet has to do the dishes??" "Yep."

We do have to switch out the newspaper today. That should be entertaining.

In other news the Steam Punk skirt is finished.I love the fabric--color changing taffeta. It is really chocolate-y in person. But then the purple jumps out. So fun!
It is a little longer in the front then I had hoped. But there is that whole short thing, and I was barefoot. I can walk easily that was the main concern.

The bottom photo shows how I may bustle it up in the back. It rustles!!
I am pleased. Farewell Ball here I come!

The only thing it needs is a taller person to wear it. I am now searching for/collecting accessories-- mmmmmmm goggles.


Gwyneth said...

Ooohh. Pretty...

reticulatedmama said... taller!
it is beautiful. you did an amazing job. donn has welding goggles i think.

stephanie said...

The skirt is sooooo awesome!!