Monday, July 21, 2008


I am not sure a simple "wow" can express my pleasure at the success of the veg garden so far this year. Barring Luna rampaging through it my fantasy of putting up ketchup, pasta sauce and salsa should be a "go". Though next year I am going to take what Mel of Sq ft gardening proclaims with a little dose of salt. I am having spacing issues to say the least. One plant per sq ft!! HA!! I scoff at his published ass. My heirloom from seeds are HUGE sprawling monstrosities! We have attack squash! NEED MORE BOXES!! (Petey promised me two more. In fact we may even put in parsnips for this fall.)

It was a proud moment for me when I got to tell Kate's friend the caterer--( whose name I can't remember) that everything but the eggs and the capers came from the garden in this Salad Nicoise. Next year even the eggs. (Yes dear ones, Gertrude is still our main form of pest control and she is quite good at it!)

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