Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happily I have a big mouth...

thus I can take really big bites of stuff, my beloved gran would perhaps say, "you have bitten off more than you can chew". Why dear readers may ask, do I think I have too much to chew?

the garden-the tomatoes are planning a sneak attack I am sure and I have accepted that this place will never looked "manicured"
Luna (puppy training)
editing/reworking the book
polishing the chivalric anti-hero Snaper
Aesa & Raito's feast: several foodie experiments in progress from pickles to mochi
a 14th c couched beadwork project
a scarfy knitted snood thing (done soon-- only 40 rows to go)
Projects being Plotted:
Winter accommodations for Gertrude
Japanese garb

Real Estate Oriented Projects
~at least 15 projects *IN* THIS house--including paint the downstairs pisser-- AGAIN!
~roughly five big projects OUTSIDE this house
~selling the other house (or if not by Aug 1st turning it into a rental=paperwork)

So did I spend the afternoon doing any of these things??

nope. I started gutting the workshop. I am as Paulie described "carving out a space". Right now we are at the sorting garbage from clutter and organizing other people's crap. This space is basically a finished third of the garage. But we have sort of been chucking random unwanted stuff from the house to this space. Matt is storing a lot of stuff. Amongst the "mayhem and foolishness" there are four bikes, a chicken, a couch, several mismatched book shelves. It is the home of Cynnabar's Golden Key, A lovely desk, a lot of stereo equipment and amplifiers. I need the Clean House Crew. They could make a mint at the garage sale just with the left over bella flooring! How much does that stuff run? too much STUFF!!!

Wish me luck.


...S said...

I feel your pain my love. I've added your to my favorite blogs list

...S said...

after they come get your junk will you send them my way? by the way, I've added you to my blogspot as one of my favorite places...ta...Love you dear.