Tuesday, July 22, 2008

unsatisfactory: 7 hours later

Took Peanut to math camp.
Ate an egg.
Cleaned up the kitchen.
Walked beasts. Counted a flock of 17 Canadian geese in my yard.
Batted tennis ball for dog.
Vacuumed the kitchen, the library, the dining room and the living room.
I organized. Spiffy new planner all ready to roll. Checked dates, collated calendars. Getting some "work" done here peeps!
I weeded (papers-- not the garden) pitched and recycled. Good work here.
I listened to the lament of the oldest offspring who didn't get the grade he wanted. Tried to sound soothing.
Texted hubby about oldest offspring's brakes. All is well.
Ate a slice of turkey wrapped around a cheese stick with a leaf of lettuce wrapped around that.
Read own writing... moved a few letters around.
Let dogs out.
Read more of own writing. (different piece)
Checked a spelling, got sidetracked at the WMU Medieval Congress Webpage. Ended up at Luminarium.
checked Scrabbulous games. losing.
Read more of own writing--changed a few words. At least this is stronger than Harry as Hamlet!
Checked email. Laughed at A. & M. & M. being silly in public.
Read more of own drivel decided I might better buy a lottery ticket.
Picked up Peanut from mathcamp--bought m&m's and a lottery ticket. Watched STYLE network.
Realized I should have gone to Water Park w/ Rollo & Xander....sigh.

ARRRRRGH. After not writing ANYTHING for almost five weeks I had high hopes for today.

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