Sunday, August 31, 2008

Party hopping

Well, considering that we were at two different bonfire parties it is entirely appropriate that Luna's howling in response to firetrucks was what finally woke my bleary butt up this morning. After crossing my fingers and hoping the subdivision was on fire (JOKING!) I stumble down to get some coffee. Oh my poor head--I am too old to stay up that late.

Great Lakes Beer and apple stuffed pig at Tishie and Steve's, where we played scrabble with a beautiful woman named Claudette and left Zoli (who was later attacked in the dark by a vicious rose bush.) behind to continue the tag in the dark game that kids everywhere resort to when their grownups sit around listening to music and drinking while poking a huge fire.

The fire at Steffie & Andre's was smaller but the music was live. And Izzy was only attacked by a misplaced marshmallow. Lo and behold--the kids at Andre's were playing the same running around in the dark like maniacs. It is nice to sit and chill with friends. Very pleasant. A beautiful evening.

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