Friday, August 8, 2008


Can it get any more amazing?? I am kinda overwhelmed--yeah me! I thought I would be pretty chill-lax, but I am actually really having a lot of very stimulating lit crit type amazing conversations. My brain hurts. It is like grad school but FUN!!

Quick list cuz I got shit to do and I am whipped!

1. Cheryl Klein is a genius. Her talk was very writerly. (and very inspirational)
2. Tamora Pierce can swing some serious postmodern jargon. I know, cuz I talked in the ladies pisser with her. She is so cool.
3. Snape as Lady in the Lake!!! who knew?
4. Trader Joes saved my hungry butt. (the corkscrew must be in the everything bag. BTW wandering around with a wine bottle is quite the conversation starter!)
5. I kinda like it when somebody makes my bed whilst I am gone.
6. the alarm clock plays my ipod outloud!! love it! HP audiobooks when I am not actively talking to HP geeks.
7. I have met sooo many brilliant people today. wow
8. I really wanted to get over to the Lake Shore/beach area but I am too damn busy!
9. Lupin and Sirius! Now there is a ship that only gets better when you realize Tonks is a shape shifter.
10. PWP= porn with plot. I get it!!
11. body glitter is contagious
12. Lori & new peeps.
13. Some really beautiful CosPlay folks--wow this one chick as Lucius?? *fanning self* whaaaaa!!
14. on the other hand Some CosPlay peeps need to keep the wig on..ya know?
15. THERE IS ONLY MORE TO GO!!! It is only Friday night!! I am in fangirl heaven!! EEEEEP

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