Monday, September 8, 2008

P&G's b-day

Here are a couple of shots from Saturday night--the rest of the pics are at my .mac album HERE. I'll prly put some up on Facebook so this is just a little teaser.
Here we have LG. MED & Short Matt's. (Cracks me up four days later!!)

Barn season has begun and I lucked out big time for this party-- all I had to do was order the keg!! It was a teamwork kinda let's get this gig together night. See, not all committees are bad! The ringleader was definitely BIKEMAN!!-- Not only did he deal with the bat poo, but my fave party instigator made this brilliant cold milk spurting chocolate cake! Twas Delish!

Kids ran wild, dogs frolicked, babies giggled. Grown women on the midnight trampoline run. We cooked wienies and played scrabble, ate too many marshmallows --tho not enough cuz Stacy wanted to be sure EVERYBODY had plenty of processed sugar--whooo--- s'more's EVERYWHERE! Ray tried to break his ankle tripping over the dog but happily he failed, just a sprain.

We drained the beer barrel which always makes me happy--there is little sadder than half barrel of warm beer. There were some awesome salads and the Japanese pickle experiments all got tasted.

But best of all the good doctors got to celebrate their birthdays with fam & friends!


Laura Jacquez said...

I am proud to attest to being of those grown women on the midnight trampoline run. Ahhhh, what fun.

Matthew said...

How did I miss the trampoline???

(From the LG. Matt)

Stephanie said...

It was a great night :)