Sunday, September 21, 2008

The sherbert twist

I finished another project this morning while I watched Man U limp away from a tie game with Chelsea. Sweet Jesus!! Eight yellow cards?? Speaking of yellow. I am sick of yellow. AND! I do not like eyelash yarn. Let that be noted. Bitching aside--I am pleased that this "infinity knot" is cast off (THAT was a nightmare--like juggling numchucks). Izzy has dubbed it the "fluff scarf" and is prancing around the house singing "I have a orange sherbet cloud on my neck!!". It *is* very soft but this project got especially interesting when the puppy grabbed the ball of yarn and was in the kitchen before I could yell STOP!! Two rows of 350 stitches unraveled but at least I didn't look like this dork!"

1 comment:

Deborah said...

Ijust received a bag of that crap from left over projects, from your Aunt. Its' soft and has pretty colors, but it is useless.