Sunday, October 19, 2008

My feet are in Cynnabar...

Petey, Isabel and I went to Cynnabar's anniversary picky nicky back last month and it was fun. Mundane clothing, lots of food and good friends. I kinda figured that was gonna be it for our attendance at Middle Kingdom events (unless Andlecrag does something at Bertha Brock Park when it isn't a blizzard) but Eua/Adrianne talked us into attending the Middle Kingdom Crown Tourney in Dayton, Ohio yesterday, she didn't have to try too hard to convince us once we saw the list of fighters competing for the Princely position.

HOLY CRAP!! Okay maybe we have some friends here in the Middle!! *insert ironic blush* We heart Logan who was fighting for my darling Kate--I mean Mistress Zaynab (In the photo--the Turkish beauty to the left of the corner post). Then the secretive Hisself (Duke Eli) was fighting for the most beautiful red head in the Knowne Worlde and damn it-- if he is gonna pontificate about McCain in my living room I am damn well gonna be there to cheer for him! Even if he doesn't say a word about it. a fox...or a dead possum... Then my drinking buddy Rocky (he is the dude in the helm further left of Kate) shows up to fight for my sewing buddy Ingrid and it was like OMG the whole afternoon was CRAZY! So fun!

There are several things that are still rolling around in my head.

The most obvious thing I have to process is the whole Masonic Lodge thing. Okay ever since my ex & his buddy L. snuck my teenage ass into a nearby (but closed) Masonic Lodge to see what was so "secret", well dear ones-- I was duly freaked out by the bizarre Egyptian embroidery, the straight jacket (!?) and the freaky alter (I still have no idea why they needed such a kick ass sound system) I have been a little wiggy about Masons. Might been the herbal supplements involved that long ago day (damn ginseng keeps ya up all night!) but it wasn't till I read Diana Gabaldon that I had a more mature view of this wonderful group of guys. Flash to the near past...(I know flashing is usually reserved for FWDs but ya'll know I am a Lost (tm) fan and thus enamoured of flash backs--to the future or not) and to our recent trip to Bemidji, wherein the Masonic Lodge was the site of the Japanese Feast for My King--but that site was not nearly so..ahem... regal as this Dayton, OH chapter. In Bemidji things were not as glamourous, polished or just damn impressive as the site at this past weekend's event. It was beautiful. Large heavy antiques, massive fireplaces and gleaming marble floors and columns invoked a medieval setting. The only thing I can even begin to critique is the carpet remnants they used for the list field. But I would leave that to an actual fighter to debate as my opinion that "it looks dangerous" is not based on any useful experience.

It was a fun event and I have to admit it was nice to not have to drive for 6-15 hours. But my heart is in Northshield.

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