Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That's my girl!!

After picking Luna up from her experience getting spayed at the Clinic instead of our VERY expensive Vet; Izzy and I met a nice young man who was adopting a kitten. Not only was he charming and handsome but his new kitty was adorable. It was the same dark gray color as his fleece jacket and Izzy told him he should name it "Fleece", which he immediately agreed was a great name. In that brief moment Isabel had a little epiphany and decided that her pets were so awesome and lucky that she felt the need to do something helpful for pets who were not so happy. She was inspired by one other little girl who had made blankets for the cats (pink on one side, blue on the other) that the cats could sleep on and take with them to their new home when they got adopted. Izzy immediately got to work not only donating her allowance but collecting change from her teachers and classmates and her visiting aunts & uncles who had gathered at our house last weekend. (Funky Chris & Auntie Gretch even shared their football winnings!) So today, the first day of Thanksgiving break, we drove out to Cherry Hill Rd and donated blankies, and old towels, kitty litter and $46.04 cash.