Thursday, January 8, 2009

Aqua aerobics

I ordered some shoes. That is prly a good thing because today the music ROCKED. I had fun. I was again laughing, a bit more to myself, as I bobbed around in the tidal currents. Less visualization of hunky vamps and a lot more channeling of a volleyball jock today. I also kinda felt like a dolphin. That water--seriously, it is different. A.) The pool doesn't reek of chemicals. When we walked into the water park at GWL recently the chlorine hit us like a wall. The pool at TH&FC@WCC is this pleasant warm oasis. ESPECIALLY the big ole therapy pool. I named it "the mermaid pool" today. Remember the scene in Peter Pan when the merbabes beat the crap out of Wendy?? I felt langourous and sinuous as slithered through the water. This relaxation was necessary after sliding all over on icy roads in the bug. (On days like this I miss my 4WD Jeep Cherokee.) I walked in feeling pretty tense and hyped up. In about five minutes I was totally relaxed and drifting...veddy nice . Total jello brain, until I used the stairs to leave the happy place and gravity and cool air sucked the joy outta that moment. It was so weird. I prefer floating.

B.) The warm bouyant water of the therapy pool peeled off like a robe and left my poor shivery self questioning the lifeguard; his answers?-- the deck was about 80F, the big lap pool was about 83F and the therapy pool was a balmy 95F. sigh could float there forever.

I'll have my shoes next week let's see how that goes.

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