Friday, January 9, 2009

HPBCARG--or The 5th House

Now we are cooking!! The Wizenmagot (the organizing members) for the Harry Potter Book Club and Reading Group met today at the Tower Inn. We (they--I ate my sandwich and smiled a lot) accomplished much. We settled on a name less cumbersome then HPBCARG...The 5th House. It was a close race with similar versions, The Lost House and The Forgotten House (as in the house that got left behind). In fact it was so close I might be might have ended up being the The Forgotten House, but the meeting minutes will be emailed soon enough.

We have a date and room reservation for Jan 30 for the actual Book CLub meeting. We have fun stuff planned for those who appear in the Student Center that evening!! They also got officers settled and started getting our upcoming Cosplay Ball/Wizard Rock Concert organized. It was also decided to *hold* on the filmfest until closer to the release date of Film 6. But the term marathon got bandied around quite a bit. That will be a hoot.

I am proud of my darling cuttlefish...or hippogriffs or whatever Purple and orange beastie they decided on. This is going to be pure fun!

BTW-- today is Snape's b-day. Happy B-day Sevvie. I reread the epilogue of my favorite fanfic Tea With Black Dragon at lunch.

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