Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Moanin'

naw it wasn't that bad.

Despite the vivid awareness that at 7:40am I would much rather have been waking up to Landra cooing in the living room of the GWL & have coffee w/Fina & Tarrach-- then gulping down one cup so I could drive Z. to school. Everybody got where they needed to be and of course I got a crappy parking spot, but class started at 9 and was a rousing success. And I paid for a new term of coffee (to drink in front of 40 people who want me to teach them something).

This term should be fun. Only 40 students instead of 97. The EMU Student Organization titled The HP Book Club and Reading Group gets under way this month, with yours truly as the advisor or "Housemother" --and I have some new canon to discuss what with Tales of BB now common knowledge.

It is often odd for me to reflect upon the fact that I have been hanging around Pray-Harrold since 1985. Granted there were years when I wasn't there, but on the is kinda creepy. I wish they would build us a new building-- if the state of my 41 year old body is the same as the state of that 41 year old building...well let's just say I bought a gym pass.

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