Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yummy sandwich

Petey and I got lunch together today. We went to Beezy's. All my Ypsichicks are lovin' it so off we went. It's a new place in downtown Ypsi--right across the block from the DEJA VU. I skipped breakfast (shut up Matt) so I had no problem scarfing down an avocado BLT on grilled sourdough. The place was PACKED even as close to one pm as it was. I was thrilled to see Faygo in glass bottles so I also splurged on an Orange soda. It was cold and sweeeet, real cane sugar thank you very much--prices weren't bad. Pete loved his soup. My favorite thing was the BIKEYPSI flyer. They had an egg salad that sounded tasty--I'll go back.


Paul Orselli said...


Did they have "Red Pop" and "Rock and Rye"?

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

I was working/reading there most of the morning. I must have just missed you!