Saturday, February 28, 2009

2.28.09 thrifty & old

I turned 42 today.
I managed to renew my license on Thursday. The sec. of state opened at 9--I was outta there at 9:05!! woot!
That should be enough birthday right there.

Oi, not so much-- The cards started last week with the traditional cards w/cash from Daddy/Mom and my grand parents. Apparently my adopted Jewish status allows for a week long celebration. I'd rather not, but despite my slight embarrassment it has been a steady stream of cards and love from friends--I am pretty sure R&T planned the 50 year old dog cards--that was very funny.

I am thrilled with the annual Border's gift card from my darling Father-in-law.
The ice cream sundae supply kit from Carol & Rollo was awesome as was the scrabble & LOST fest after dinner last night.

This morning the birthday fairy left awesome gifties scattered around the house; a vintage Chinese cookbook, Muck (tm) Boots, the perfect SpartyMom hoodie, a six pack of Pear cider, a new battery for the key fob for the bug (which actually included sitting at the VW dealer while that issue was dealt with). Matty & Roxy came in late last night and hung out all day. After seeing that the mail brought a package w/two anonymous books--STIFF & BONK--I was pretty sure it was Lisa and Paul and I was correct!!-- We started my day of tyranny with breakfast at Northside Grill where my apple cinnamon oatbran pancakes (real maple syrup! Thanks Tish!) and fresh squeezed OJ and a side of bacon was FREE. (There were a couple good prom dresses at St. Vincent de Paul, but nuthin worth buying). Then we went to Zingermans to get my free six bagels, THEN we wandered around Treasure Mart and Izzy found me three Fiestaware cup & saucer sets!!! We came home and laid around playing whip it w/Luna--scrabble, Wii fit (see b-day cash earlier) and watching cartoons (Cowboy Bebop and Ren&Stimpy) till dinner time, when we went to Yotsuba and pigged out on sushi, went to Toys R Us in search of Katamari and/or the new LOST figurines (nada) came home and guess what??? PLAYED more scrabble!!

The b-day is done now.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

what am I doing that is worthy of attention??

very little.

I am getting the itch to start seeds. But I now have a lovely settee in the bay window and am loathe to put moist earth in my dry cozy library. I want one of those awesome shelf trays w/grow lights. Carol assures me that the tomatoes will self sow. I agree. As much fruit that fell to the ground because of bad I miss that ketchup. It was so good. Lori has started her onions and leeks--I have one leftover leek from last year that is trying to draw spring all by its lonesome. A limp little lightening rod of warmth.

I should sit Izzy down and make all the newspaper pots--those worked great last year. Pete is gonna lay two more big boxes so we can avoid the spacing dilemmas of last year. We also need to make Gertrude (and her incoming coop-mates) a hawk protection device. It would be lovely if the snow would go away....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Head of the 5th House Robes

This is too boring huh?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chris Moore--a freakin' genius

Absolutely brilliant,I can see where "Fool" could be quite a daunting reading experience depending on whether or not you have read Shakespeare's "King Lear." I am fond of the Shakespearean tragedies and Lear is right up at the top of my list of favorites. (Oh yes, esp Kurosawa's RAN)

Moore names Lear's fool, Pocket. He is much more than the observer from Shakespeare; in Moore's version our truthteller is the instigator--hmm kinda like my Padgett! Who else to manipulate silly royals? In fact I am kinda having a moment of frustration because Cornwell has a new book out titled Agincourt and now this jester as protagonist (okay my Padgett isn't the main character..but still...I really should be editing Fealty instead of blogging and playing scrabble on Facebook!

Anyway, I found this to be a lovely, smutty, funny and enagaging read. I read it in less than 24 hours--most of which I should have been sleeping--but the end game is fantastic. I reveled in the hodgepodge of the tragic and comic--the footnotes were charming (as opposed to D.F. Wallace's all encompassing footnotes--or the post modern footnotes Dumbledore/Rowling has in Tales) I enjoyed watching the plotline of Shakespeare's play unfold with this new interpretation. Poor Edgar for god's sake! And Gloucester eyeball...EWWWW

... once I got to the wrap up when we see who Pocket's parents are I really couldn't stop-- the book as a comic novel is wonderfully done, but the empathy for this character (who totally wins in the end!) is what kept me up till 3 am.

I loved it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

a quickie list

1. I am quite pleased I didn't get smooshed by a bread truck yesterday.
2. My seeds came from Wildseed Farms, normally this would be cause for great joy--but as I am sick I can only muster so much enthusiasm. Yay.
3. Have had a headcold and/or sinus infection for about five days now. I can't tell if I ache from that or from the gym; either way I am stuffy and whiny.
4. The plans for the Cosplay Ball are rolling along-slowly and full of red tape/lack of $ issues--but rolling.
5. The Book club has it's second mtg tonight. That really is awesome right there.
6. Tomorrow is Val Day. Countess Giulia is coming but no Thomas. What is Val Day w/out Thomas??
7. It is gray and frozen and dead here. I want to go to Hawaii.
8. Zoli is a freshman next year--thus much prepping and meetings...this week!!
9. I hate potholes--they are mean to my car.
10. I got two sections next Winter. sweet.

tired...going to nap now.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Just in case you didn't see it on Facebook

Check it out!! We are also a group on the EMU Student orgs page.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

wardrobe malfunction

This costume idea is eating my brain. Okay It does not have to meet SCA sumptuary codes so now is def. my opportunity for the turkish hat (gold) and pearl tiara--with peacock feathers. If I make a new garment it would be nice if it were multipurpose and could function in the SCA. This is a formal event otherwise I could throw together a purple and orange pirate ensemble no worries. I have an awesome Jessica McLintlock but it is red and blue an I feel like I should be in character; as Head of the 5th House and thus purple & orange. I seem to have orange tulle on the brain...or a purple tutu-- a tea length...


Orange and Purple Head of House Robes

WHAT WAS I THINKING?? Okay aside from T.'s fantasy of McGonagall's plaid--WHAT AM I GONNA WEAR?? Have you ever tried to find purple and orange striped fabric? Or better yet have you ever been shaped like Molly Weasley but wanna dress like Bellatrix? Oi.