Friday, February 13, 2009

a quickie list

1. I am quite pleased I didn't get smooshed by a bread truck yesterday.
2. My seeds came from Wildseed Farms, normally this would be cause for great joy--but as I am sick I can only muster so much enthusiasm. Yay.
3. Have had a headcold and/or sinus infection for about five days now. I can't tell if I ache from that or from the gym; either way I am stuffy and whiny.
4. The plans for the Cosplay Ball are rolling along-slowly and full of red tape/lack of $ issues--but rolling.
5. The Book club has it's second mtg tonight. That really is awesome right there.
6. Tomorrow is Val Day. Countess Giulia is coming but no Thomas. What is Val Day w/out Thomas??
7. It is gray and frozen and dead here. I want to go to Hawaii.
8. Zoli is a freshman next year--thus much prepping and meetings...this week!!
9. I hate potholes--they are mean to my car.
10. I got two sections next Winter. sweet.

tired...going to nap now.

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Gwyneth said...

I'm pleased you didn't get smooshed by a bread truck, too.