Wednesday, March 18, 2009

babies are magic, wizard wrockers & fairy tales

I think dear ones, that at this exact point in time I am centered and in control. I realize how remiss I have been in properly posting--my free time sort of evaporated the last few weeks but as I just said--I think I am good--for the moment. First and foremost (1.) my Xanni (aka Alexander Robert--the big boy at ChezMcClane) is proud to announce that he is officially a big brother. After a lovely St Paddy's dinner of bangers & mash; they checked into the hospital. Carol had the baby this morning!!! I am yet adopted Jewish Auntie!! WOOOT! Elinor Beatrice was born before class this morning and when Rollo called to tell me I was still teaching...whoops broke my own class rule of "turn your phone off". Many of the students knew I was waiting for news and they all chanted "answer it"--so when I repeated her name they all cheered. Her pics are on Matt's facebook. I can't wait to hold her!!

(2.) The ball was massive success. By the end of the night my hat was more than a little askew. As you can see!

Getting into the VW was a trick. I had not accounted for the low head room vs the height of my chapeau nor had I considered driving a stick with the size of my petticoats-- the bug is still quite sparkly. The fabric of my overcoat seemed beautiful at the store--but at home it's gaudy goodness leapt from the weave like rats abandoning ship. I now understand the bumper sticker comment that sez "Glitter is the STD of the Craft World." My over coat bled glitter everywhere I went. Pete called it Fairyrhea. Nice.

Regardless of the excess of sparkle, we sold at least twice as many tickets as we needed to break even. Sarah ran around w/my camera (till her cold meds wore off) I was bouncing around with Kate & Vickie and hugging all my old students and occasionally would wander back to where Stacy , Pete and Andre & Stephanie and Geo who all said they had a good time people watching. My archery pal Wendy & her posse added to that aspect! I especially want to thank Warren for donating his time and equipment--one plain cheescake coming up!! Like this week!

(3.) Finally, before I split today-- I have to mention this amazing book--The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly. OMG!! dark fairy tale extraordinaire...LOVE IT!! I am finishing up the endnotes. I highly recommend it. Beautiful prose--great story...seriously good read. If I ever get the 300 level HP class this book will be required reading.

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