Sunday, March 1, 2009

costume concept

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED--I know what I am wearing to the ball.

Pearl tiara that is just TOOO much for my SCA persona (perhaps w/Turkish hat&veil)
Smart little jacket w/Elizabethan inspired collar. 3/4 length sleeves (cuz you know at some point I'll be working). It's color is labeled 'sterling' but it is in fact a pale dove gray. Tasteful neckline.
Floor length Dark Plum underskirt with sheer gray sparkle overskirt--(simple pattern Two days max) got the fabric at Joanne's for 50% grand total of $52. The price included two orange fabric roses (not sure what I am gonna do with them) and thread.

now shoes......


Gwyneth said...

Okay, that sounds nice. Pictures when it is done, please?

Daye said...

If any of them don't make me look anymore thick waisted than I actually am! :) There will be tons of pics post ball.